Mister Butler Textile Screen Printing


Mister Butler is a textile screen-printing studio in the heart of Bern.
Mister Butler specializes in screen printing directly onto garments. Known mostly for his famous hand-printed T-Shirts and Hoodies. Offering a wide variety of great quality brands we have the perfect garments for printing.
Mister Butler has been designing and printing services for restaurants, clubs, stores, teams, bands, art agencies and small businesses all around the country. Born in Los Angeles and living and working in Bern since 1993.


There are hundreds of brands making T-Shirts and other printable garments. After years of printing I have found some great brands that offer great quality and comfort at affordable prices.

Our favorite partner is Continental Clothing in Berlin. Organic blends and Fair-Trade products are in higher demand and our among our best selling items. Continental Clothing offers an excellent selection for men, women and children.

Mister Butler also offers other brands such as Fruit Of The Loom, Bella, Sol's, Gilden, Stedman, Russell and many others. Stop by the studio and we can take a look at the latest catalogs and samples. 




Screen printing is a photographic process. When printing on shirts there are two main components for making a great print are the reproduction film positive and the stencil. I've combined the average costs to get you started.

A4 Format or smaller: 80.- per color

A3 Format: 100.- per color

Prices may vary depending on final film costs. Mister Butler will archive your film for future orders. The silkscreen frame is property of Mister Butler.


I am able to offer up to four color printing directly onto clothing. Here are my average prices per print. Prices may vary for over-size prints.

Amount: 1 Color 2 Colors 3 Colors  4 Colors
01-09 25.- 30.- 35.- 40.-
10-29 10.- 13.- 16.- 20.-
30-49 8.- 10.- 12.- 14.-
50-99 7.- 8.- 10.- 12.-
100-250 5.- 7.- 8.- 10.-
250-500 4.- 5.- 6.- 7.-
    Prices include basic color mixing, screen registration, materials. Add an additional 1 franc per print for metallic colors and an additional 3 franc per print for phosphorescent color. Request an estimate for 1, 2, 3 or 4 color print.
    Sometimes a design needs additional work to make it ready for printing. In case your file is not ready for film processing, let Mister Butler prepare and finalize your design for the printing press (15 minutes: 35.-).



    Modern day screen printing hasn't changed much in the last 50 years. I use a classic photo polymer process to create the stencils. The process is very accurate and when developed correctly the stencils are very rugged and can yield up to 1000 prints.


    1. Digital Artwork

    Depending on how your design was originally made we will need a digitized version of your artwork. PDF, EPS, AI, PSD and TIFF files are all accepted. Vector files are appreciated. Pixel images should be sent in original print size and at a minimum of 300 dpi (1200dpi for bitmap files).

    I prefer when each color in your design is sent as a separate file or a document with separate layers. To process the film the image on the file should be in black and white. All photographic greyscale images should be halftoned no finer than 25 lpi (Lines per inch).

    All data sent from Adobe Illustrator should be compatible with Illustrator CS6 or lower.



    2. Film Processing

    I will need create a film positive for each color in your design. I use the film positive in the photo developing process to create the stencil. I don't process the films myself so it may take a few days to make depending on my partners.




    Once we determine the color of the garments and the print we will choose the correct screen coarseness for your job. We have excellent success with printing light colors onto dark clothes.



    Mister Butler's Equipment

    The Four Color Carousel

    This machine has the possibility of printing up to four stencils at the same time. When printing directly onto a garment sometimes I may need to dry the colors so I can apply another coat of color to the design. This is especially important when printing onto dark fabrics.

    I have hand-printed thousands of garments for hundreds of satisfied customers on this machine for over 20 years. I know it's limits and have been know to push them.


      The Red Chili Explosion

      This is one of the dryers I use to print shirts. After I have printed a shirt I can place it under The Red Chili flash dryer. It reaches a temperature of 160°C within seconds. This enables the wet color to become dry enough to print the color with a second layer. This method is perfect when printing light colors onto dark clothing.


      The Plastic Fantastic Colors

      I print with a special color used in the textile screen printing business known as Plastisol. The color remains in a liquid state until it's heated up to 160°C. It is a very durable oil based color and an industry standard known for high quality results and great wash resistance.

      Water-based colors, though more troublesome to print, are also available at an extra cost.


        The Alchemy Of Color

        Choosing colors for your garments is an important part of the process. I offer a huge array of premixed colors. If you want a color that is not in my archive I can mix specific tone for your project. I have been mixing colors for years and I will always do my best to get the exact color you want. Mixing exact PANTONE colors are also available at an additional price.


        If you have any questions feel free to contact me.